Talcum makes retrival line slippery again

After some time, the Dyneema-retrival line might cause some unwanted drag in the bowden guide line. By applying talcum (baby powder) this drag can be reduced again.


Here you find the description:

spring-loaded nipple except small rigid nipple

The retrival line for bugwipers, which move into a garage at the fuselage, might relax a little bit in the parking position. To prevent this, a spring-loaded nipple for the bowden guide line at the winch box has been developed, which, if it is necessary, can be used instead of the rigid nipple.


The spring keeps up the tension on the bugwiper.


safety loop

The new safety Loop on our Flexi Bug Wipers prevents..... !

BWS - E-winch in the tube

E-Winches mounted in the tube for placing in the oxygen-tube

wing span adjustment - (optional) - Patent pending!

Electric drum for adjusting length of retrieval line to
selected wing span


· If you change wing span, then you don’t need to change or shorten the retrieval line.
· Adjusting to the used wing span is possible by applying a single pin.


detachable line drum

For easy detaching and attaching line drum to winch for service work
(e.g. renewing Dyneema retrieval line)

Simply detach line drum, remove old retrieval line, knot new one to drum, attach drum to the winch and wind up new line:

pivotable, swiveling line attachment

Knotting line to a pivot bearing (pivotable sleeve) enables knot to swivel by 180° preventing bending and wear of line when - with continuously running motor - unwinding abruptly turns into upwinding.

Dyneema retrival line

The new retrieval line has a tensile strength of 47kp.

NOTE: a knot will reduce tensile strength up to 50%. Therefore, always use recommended knot only (see downloads).


mounting support fixed to the fuselage enables easy attaching and detaching of the electric winch for service work (e.g. renewing retrieval line).


A resilient silicon hose is used to dampen the jerk, if an uncontrolled, fast and complete unwinding of the line comes to an abrupt stop.


Prevents premature wear of the Dyneema retrieval line at the attachment knot.